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We have honed our craft for more than 100 years, and are deeply dedicated to the coffee community.
This has allowed us to make top-quality products for people all over the world. Now, while embracing our history, we will move on to the next chapter with a renewed vision for the HARIO brand.

Coffee Imagination

Since its founding in 1921, HARIO has continuously strived for innovation.
With over a century of experience in manufacturing glass, we have combined our passion for coffee and our drive for technological precision, science and Japanese craft.
After producing a wide range of coffee tools over the years, from syphons and presses to drippers, and grinders and kettles to scales, we’ve come to understand one thing:
The ways to enjoy coffee are endless.

The possibilities in your exploration of coffee are limitless.
We believe that there is a perfect bean for each and every person in the world. For each bean, there is a perfect brewing method, and for each brewing method, there is the perfect brewing equipment.

The right equipment, used with imagination, can bring out the best in a bean. It can produce a cup that can touch hearts and bring people together. This passion, for brewing coffee by hand, is what drives HARIO, and is reflected in every single product we make.

Let’s brew.


Everyone’s imagination is unique.
We have created two brands that represent two ways of bringing
your coffee imagination to life.

Pure Imagination

The V60 is about giving you the freedom to express whatever you can imagine.The V60 Brand is our premium line, providing you the freedom and control to express yourself fully through your brew.

Limitless Imagination

Our other HARIO products represent Limitless Imagination. We apply our high quality standards and century of expertise to a diverse line-up of brewing equipment, for you to create the brew you love.

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