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Crafts Science

“The history of HARIO, Japan’s only domestic heat-proof glass maker, began with its production of laboratory instruments.

Through repeated trial and error, HARI0 achieved the accuracy, durability and practicality demanded of rigorous laboratory experiments and earned the trust of researchers around the world.

In 2021, to mark the 100th anniversary of our founding,
we condensed the laboratory equipment expertise we developed early on
to create a new series of “Crafts Science” drinkware.

This drinkware embodies the history of HARIO
by melding our advanced processing technology,
craftsmanship and functional scientific design.
Coffee making is a science.

When someone grinds beans, boils water
and extracts coffee, the taste greatly varies
depending on the amounts, temperatures, timing and instruments used.
Spout sharpness, operational stability and moulding precision all make a difference.

The scientific thinking HARIO developed
at its inception now makes it possible
for perfectionists to achieve their ideal flavour.
Crafts Science drinkware born from 100 years
of craftsmanship and science.


Since 1921.
The company is the only heatproof
glass manufacturer in Japan to have a factory.

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