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Simply HARIO

“Simply HARIO” is a product line from HARIO a manufacturer
known for producing heatproof glass products for over a century.

Heatproof glass products made from 100% natural minerals,
and simple forms deriving from the result of pursuing function,
will give us a calm, quiet time to relax and reset ourselves from busyness.
Please spend a relaxing time with Simply HARIO.

Waking up refreshed
To the scent of lush foliage
A crisp morning breeze
Beginning your day with Simply HARIO

A relaxing afternoon
Smooth tunes playing
Soft rays of sunlight pouring in
Soothing my feelings with Simply HARIO

The night falls
A sky full of stars surrounds a waning moon
A quiet and calm moment
A moment yourself with Simply HARIO

Simply beautiful, Simply HARIO
Recharging yourself on a busy day
A moment you cherish
Simply beautiful, Simply HARIO



Since 1921.
The company is the only heatproof
glass manufacturer in Japan to have a factory.

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