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V60 Ceramic Colour Dripper now available at Hario Australia

The award-winning HARIO V60 is now available in a range of beautiful colours in Australia!



The V60 Ceramic Dripper is crafted with the traditional Arita yaki method.  Arita yaki is proud of the refined technique handed down through its 400 years of history.
The long-held Japanese `Monozukuri` (innovative production) spirit that pays attention to small details supports the functional beauty of HARIO.


V60 Feature 1: Cone Shape

The V60’s distinctive cone shape allows the layers of coffee grounds to become thicker than on the flat surface of a traditional trapezoid-shaped dripper. The cone-shape lets hot water flow toward the centre, allowing it to stay in contact with the coffee grounds longer and ensuring a proper extraction of taste and aromatic constituents from the coffee grounds.

V60 Feature 2: Spiral Ribs

When the coffee is saturated, the high ribs do not hinder its expansion, and a layer of air is created between the paper and the dripper wall. The twisted ribs prevent the paper and the dripper from sticking to each other, letting the air flow through and allowing the coffee to expand adequately. This promotes a smooth extraction.

V60 Feature 3: One Single Hole

The V60 features one large hole at the bottom, as opposed to several smaller ones seen in for example traditional trapezoid-shaped drippers. This allows the tip of the filter paper to protrude through the hole, which in turn allows the hot water to perform extraction closer to that of a cloth filter, as it is unrestricted by the dripper. Changing the pour speed allows you to brew coffee with your preferred taste, stronger or lighter.

The V60 was designed for accessibility, versatility, and most importantly, making good coffee. Now, you can do that with more colour choices to fit your taste and your coffee bar!

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