Hario’s cold brew coffee makers are great for home or commercial environments. Create low-acid, and smooth tasting cold brew with Hario.

Hario cold brew coffee makers are beautifully-crafted pieces that suit both domestic and commercial environments. Made from the heatproof glass that Hario has become renowned for worldwide, the cold brew coffee range is a perfect solution if you are looking for a smooth-tasting, low-acidic concentrate that can be enjoyed over ice, with milk, diluted in water, or tastefully introduced to a refreshing summer cocktail.

The simple method of combining coffee and water then allowing the brew time to steep in your fridge overnight, makes cold brew one of the easiest and enjoyable methods for beginners, home aficionados, and industry professionals. If you prefer a metal filter, check out the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Jug or the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher

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